🚜 Tractors, Mowers, and More

While many of us are looking forward to hanging up the winter coats and folding the wool sweaters for the last time this season it’s inevitable that we’ll have to trade in the snow blowers and shovels for mowers and trimmers. That’s right, there is always work to be done. Whether you have a lot of land to maintain or a small yard there are some things to take into consideration when choosing the right tools to maintain your lawn.

The Size of the Job

If you have an acre or more to maintain, a riding mower is the prime choice for your task. The larger the blade the more surface area you’ll cover at once which translates into less time you’ll spend mowing, although a smaller blade will provide a finer cut. If your lawn is less than an acre you may be more inclined to consider purchasing a Walk Behind Mower.

Today’s mowers come with self-propelling action that pulls the mower for you. Some machines come with a transmission that will automatically adjust its speed to your walking speed. And, there is no more fussing around with pull-cords to get your mower moving, with self-start technology you pull a cord once and restart easily at the touch of a button. Attachments are also available, perfect for your lawn maintenance needs.

Obstacles and Terrain

Steep hills and slopes may require a machine with a greater horsepower in order to get the job done, and an uneven terrain may require a higher deck. If your lawn has trees, flowerbeds, shrubs, fences or other obstacles a tighter turning radius will provide greater maneuverability.


A variety of attachments are available to help make your lawn maintenance a little easier. Choose from Mulching Kits, Grass Collectors, Tow Behind Broadcast Spreaders, Aerators, Dethatchers, Rollers, and Utility Carts to complete a range of lawn maintenance jobs.


Be sure to read the owners manual carefully, so that you understand the starting system and other features. Be sure to follow the safety rules and follow the service recommendations to ensure the longevity of your machine.