❄️ The Scoop on Snow Blowers

Snow blowers make quick work of snow and save time, not to mention a few backaches. If you’re ready to purchase a snow blower, you will have a choice of either a single or two-stage machine. What’s the difference? A single-stage unit is great for light to medium duty usage, up to about 6″ of snow. It has only one part, an auger, usually made of hard rubber. The auger spins very fast throwing the snow as it propels the snow blower along. The more pressure applied to the auger blade, the faster the unit will go, and you’ll find both gas and electric models.

A two-stage snow blower is capable of handling deeper, heavier snow. As the name implies, it has two stages. The first stage is a large auger that breaks up the snow and then feeds it to the second stage, which is the blower. The blower spins ten times for every time the auger spins once. The blower is what actually throws the snow. Two-stage snow blowers are self-propelled and operate on gas.

When comparing different models, here are a few other things to consider. Check for a comfortable handgrip height. Machines with larger wheels can move easier through deeper snow. You may want the convenience of an electric starter, which can be standard or an option. Compare the range of motion of the chute crank, the angle of the pitch adjuster, and whether the snow blower has a folding handle for compact storage.