❄️ Snowthrowers, Shovels, and Other Winter Standbys!

With winter in full swing don’t let unpredictable weather catch you by surprise. Before your home gets buried in the next major snow storm be sure to stock up on ice melter, find the shovels and rev up the snowthrower. Can’t find the shovel? Been putting off buying that snowthrower? Here are some tips to help you find the right tools to tackle snowdrifts and ice patches before they tackle you!


How much does horsepower, clearing path, and height intake really matter? That depends on the size of your job. The more horsepower your snowthrower has the more snow it can move and the further away it will place it. A wide clearing path will allow you to move snow from a large space more quickly. Don’t let snowdrifts get in your way. A snowthrowers intake height determines the size of drifts you’ll be able to overcome.

  • Headlights – to light your 5am clearing path
  • Snow Cab – to protect you from blowing snow and wind
  • Wheel Chains – important if your driveway is sloped

Once you’ve found the perfect snowthrower be sure to keep a regular maintenance schedule that includes a yearly tune up, tire pressure check and fresh gasoline to start the season. Chase-Pitkin also offers quick credit, 12 month financing on qualifying purchases with the Gold Plus Card.

Shovels & Ice Melters

One thing you can count on is that there will always be snow in the winter. When choosing the perfect shovel or snow pusher it makes sense to look for long lasting durability. A Ribbed Steel Core® handle and reinforced shaft will withstand the weight of snow and ice over many years of use. A tough, galvanized wear strip and non-stick graphite blade will endure the abuse shovels can go through.

Rock salt is the most popular and economical product for keeping your walkway free of ice. If you prefer a product that will not leave residual tracks on your carpets and floors consider a Potassium Chloride based product. Potassium Chloride is also safer to use around grasses and vegetation. Calcium Chloride provides the same benefits as well as undercutting and breaking up ice from surfaces in temperatures as low as -30°F.