🚿 Replacing Your Old Kitchen Faucet

Replacing an old kitchen faucet is a great way to update the look of your kitchen. However, the days are gone when you just settled for the “chrome one with the handle.” The faucets available today are an important element in overall kitchen design and appear in fresh finishes with innovative functionality.


Chrome, the familiar choice for kitchen faucets, is still popular, but now it appears in combination with other materials or finishes. Using multiple finishes offers you a greater opportunity to coordinate the faucet with the other surfaces and accessories in your kitchen.

The recent resurgence in popularity of stainless steel appliances among homeowners has prompted the faucet industry to introduce coordinating stainless steel faucets alone or in combination with other finishes. You will also find faucets in a variety of colors: bisque, almond, copper, bronze, nickel, as well as sophisticated platinum and black. The finishes on today’s faucets are manufactured to stay good looking for years without tarnishing, corroding or discoloring.


The simple faucet of yesterday has given way to units with multi-tasking capabilities. Designs with swivel sprays built into the handles, spouts that can be raised up for tall pots, matching soap dispensers, integrated water filters, and cutting edge safety features. Today’s faucets are reliable, ergonomic, and…classy! Glamorous faucets are no longer found only in the pages of glossy interior design magazines, but can be found in your kitchen and mine.