🏠 Pre-Season Interior Design Projects

As the winter months roll on, cabin fever maybe crawling in to further dampen your post-holiday mood. You could spend some time planning that major remodeling project. But if you’re not up for a new kitchen or deck this year and you need something to keep those DIY juices flowing, why not tackle a series of smaller projects. Most of the following can be done in a couple of days or a couple of hours.

Paint a Room

It’s amazing what a difference a new coat of paint makes and you can probably find good deals on paint right now. Add a wallpaper border and you’ll think you’ve moved to a new house!

Refinish a Piece of Furniture

That old chair you’ve got stashed away in your basement or attic waiting to be refinished “some day” – drag it out. A quick trip to Chase-Pitkin and you’re ready to get started. A coat of paint remover to get off the old finish, a little smoothing down, and an application of one-step polyurethane makes that old chair look like you just bought it.

Plan your garden. Now you can sit down in your “new” chair (make sure it’s dry!) and think about what you’re going to do in your garden when Spring arrives. Draw up plans for a new perennial bed, list plants you have to lift and divide, and sketch out changes you would like to make in your home’s landscaping. How about your gardening tools? Did you just leave them at the end of the season? Get them out and spend the day cleaning, polishing, and sharpening. When the warm weather comes along, you’ll really be ready to swing into action.

Repot a Plant

If most of your green is on the inside, this is also a great time to take a look at your houseplants. Repot those that are root bound and inspect for insects. Wipe the dust of the leaves to allow more oxygen to penetrate the surface, and remember to water frequently because the heated indoor air is much drier.

Replace a Faucet

Don’t put up with that dripping, leaky old faucet another day. There are so many great looking kitchen or bathroom faucets to choose from — chrome, brass, acrylic, combinations, styles for all room looks. Need some help?

Get Organized

Commit to organize all that “stuff” in the attic, basement, or garage. Buy some easy to assemble storage units at Chase-Pitkin and spend a day getting everything in order. And don’t forget your closets. You can buy a closet organizer kit or make your own layout and buy exactly the parts you need.

No matter what project you decide to tackle, you’ll definitely feel good to be back at it, and remember, the home improvement season is just around the corner!