🌸 Poinsettia Pointers

The Poinsettia is the traditional flower of the holiday season bringing a wonderful splash of color to your home. Besides the ever popular deep rich red color, there is a wide array of colors including pink, white, marbled, speckled, and yellow. These showy colorful “flowers” are actually the leaves or bracts of the plant. The true flower is the small yellow or green in the center of the bracts.

Here are some tips for keeping your poinsettia vibrant and healthy:

1. Protect from Cold

Poinsettias are very sensitive to cold because they are a tropical plant. Make sure the plant is wrapped in a plastic sleeve when you leave the store Take the plant straight home. Leaving it in your car while doing other shopping may chill it. When you get home, remove the sleeve immediately and place in a warm location.

2. Proper Watering

Check the soil and water daily. When the soil is dry to the touch the plant needs watering. If it feels moist to the finger, do not water.

3. Proper Lighting

Poinsettias require natural daylight or incandescent lighting for optimum growth.

4. Keep Warm

Do not expose a Poinsettia to the cold. If you feel the temperature in your home is comfortable, the poinsettia will be comfortable. Wilting is often caused by too little water, too much water or exposure to cold.

5. Remove Brown Leaves

As the lower leaves turn brown, pull them off. Keep the soil free of debris so water can penetrate easily. You can keep your Poinsettia brightening up your home for weeks, even months after the holiday season providing you give it a little care.