🏠 Playing It Safe

Did you know that three million homes are burglarized each year in the U.S. – which is one every 10 seconds? Safety and security is something we all want for our families, our homes, and ourselves. Exterior lighting can help make your home more secure.

You can improve your level of home security with a range of exterior lighting products:

Security lighting

There are energy efficient and attractive home security lights that have lower light output for smaller yards or concentrated areas. The beam of light is more focused so there is less light pollution or stray light to disturb you or your neighbors.

A dusk-to-dawn light, as the name suggests, uses a photoelectric cell to automatically turn on the light as darkness falls and turn it off when the sun comes up. Your home is never in darkness. Such energy saving security lighting is available in incandescent, fluorescent, mercury vapor, high-pressure sodium or metal halide models.

Motion Sensor Lighting

If you want a security light that is a little more energy conscious, consider installing a security light that has a motion sensor. A motion sensor detects moving objects, such as people and cars, as they approach the range of the light. Motion sensors are ideal because they save energy and give you light only when it’s needed.

Decorative lighting

Floodlights help illuminate your deck, patio or pool so you can enjoy entertaining outside your home after dark. Walkways become a little safer for visitors when security lighting is added. Your landscaping takes on a different look entirely when lit at night. Decorative lighting helps makes your home look active and occupied.

You’ll find a great range of safety and security lighting products. We’ve covered only some of them. Adding security lighting to the exterior of your home is definitely a worthwhile home improvement project.