🎄 Holiday Safety Guide

The holidays are here and we’re busy decorating our homes and getting ready to greet family and friends. It’s hard to imagine that anything could spoil this wonderful season of celebration. Yet, statistics do show an increase in fires especially from Christmas trees and fireplaces. Here are some tips that can help keep your family safe during the holidays.

The Christmas Tree

  • Look for a tree that is green with no brown or yellow needles (Needles shouldn’t break when bent between your fingers)
  • Make sure the tree stand is the right size so the tree doesn’t fall over
  • Keep your tree away from stairways, light fixtures, and any fireplace or heater
  • Use tree lights that are labeled as tested by a laboratory
  • Add tree preserve to prolong the life of your tree
  • Check water levels daily and keep filled
  • Avoid using too many extension cords for tree lights
  • Don’t overload circuits or bury extension cords under rugs or carpets
  • Take down the tree as soon as the season is over

The Fireplace

  • If you plan to hang stockings on your fireplace, don’t light a fire
  • When all the gifts are unwrapped, remove discarded packages and wrappings from the house immediately
  • Never burn wrappings in a fireplace or wood stove — it can cause a chimney fire
  • Using a sturdy screen when you have a fire in the fireplace
  • Burn only wood — no paper or pine boughs that can send particles floating up the chimney to ignite your roof or your neighbors house

Keep your home and family safe this holiday season and have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy New Year!