🐶 Help your Dog Beat the Heat

Your dog is a special part of the family. You want to keep him healthy and happy during the hot summer weather, and that means a little extra care.

If you keep your dog outside during the day and you’re not going to be home, give him a well-ventilated doghouse in a shady spot. Make sure he has plenty of water. It’s very easy for your dog to tip over his bowl of water, especially if he’s on a tie-out. So put a second bowl of water in another area he can reach just in case. Better yet, fill a child’s small wading pool with clean water. If you are at home during the day, be sure to check on your pet regularly.

Cut back on vigorous play outside during the hottest time of the day. Leave it till the evening when it’s cooler. You’ll both be more comfortable! Avoid taking your dog to congested areas on hot days, such as beaches, parks, or festivals. Not only will your pet suffer; he may not like the noise or attention from people.

Never leave your dog in the car on a hot day even if the windows are cracked open. The temperature can climb to deadly levels in a matter of minutes. Remember, your dog can’t cool his body by sweating the way you do. Dogs do it by panting, which is less efficient, and they can suffer from the heat more. If you’re dog appears to be lethargic after being out in the heat, he could be suffering from heatstroke. Cool him down and get him to the vet as soon as possible.

Caring for your dog in the summer heat means treating him just like you treat yourself — with a cool drink and a place in the shade.