🌺 For the Fall Gardener

As summer begins to wind down and your once colorful annuals and perennials lose their appeal you may feel your work is done until the snow comes and goes again. Just as we prepare our homes for the cold of winter our gardens also need some attention to keep them healthy throughout those dormant months.

As foliage falls from trees and shrubs you may find some of these are in need of a little pruning. Clipping back dead branches in the fall will help promote fuller growth in the spring.

Fall is also the best time to plant any trees, shrubs, or bulbs you want add to your landscape. Beds of Crocus’, Daffodils, and Tulips are great for vibrant color peaking from the ground in early spring. Be careful not to wait too long, anything you plant in the fall will need time to root before the ground freezes.

Rustic red and golden yellow leaves that blanket your yard can be fun for the kids and beautiful to look at but they can also be harmful to your lawn. However, saving leaves for compost will provide a great source of nutrients for your garden in the spring. Use a leaf blower with a reverse setting to shred them and you’ll reduce their volume significantly.

Finally, keep your shrubs safe from the cold by wrapping them with burlap as a winter insulator. Also, consider adding an extra layer of mulch to flowerbeds to maintain soil temperature and moisture.

Fall gives us the opportunity to get out and nurture our gardens one last time as we prepare for the winter months and await another season of colorful blooms!