🏠 Fashionable Flooring

You’d be surprised at the important role flooring plays in the look and feel of your home. Here are a few different flooring options and trends to help you chose the best option for any room in your house.

Advancements in the carpet industry have brought us more than just stain resistant broadlooms. Today you will find a wider selection of textures, patterns and color selections. There is no need to settle for a single texture or color; carpets that combine high and low pile in alternating shapes or alternating colors can add a fun and creative element to a room. Carpet is a great choice for warmth, cost, and it will absorb sound.

Laminate flooring has advanced by leaps and bounds. In the beginning, laminate was limited to maple, natural or cherry. Today the selection has increased to include faux hardwood, ceramic and stone. Laminate provides the greatest flexibility at the lowest cost. You will also find it very easy to install with many brands that offer an interlock system that needs no gluing and creates little mess.

If you are looking for the real thing, there is nothing like hardwood. There has been a resurgence in hardwood flooring in new homes. The current trend is toward distressed or antiqued planks that are wider and available in more than just maple or oak. Many homeowners are choosing mahogany, cherry, teak or walnut. Mixing wood is a great way to incorporate patterns into a floor and diversify the overall effect. Traditionally used in kitchens and hallways, today hardwood can be found in just about any room of a home.

Ceramic tile is another creative option. The variety of sizes, shapes and designs can turn your floor into a masterpiece. Combine large tiles with mosaics to offset solid colors. This could take some time and patience to design, but the finished product is a custom look. You can accessorize your tile floor with coordinating grout colors. The grout pallet has expanded to over 48 color options. To pull a kitchen together, try using a coordinating tile for a countertop and/or backsplash.

So, if you are ready for a new look in your home consider the space you’re standing on. With the variety of options and materials available you are sure to find the one that will make you feel right at home.