🏠 Decking – With a Twist

Decks provide an excellent space to entertain and relax during those long awaited summer months. After years of harsh weather, fluctuating temperatures, and continued usage wood planks on any deck will begin to warp and splinter. With Trex Composite Decking you’ll ensure a longer life for your deck with less maintenance.

Trex decking products are made from a unique combination of reclaimed wood and plastic, giving you the best qualities of both materials. The plastic shields the wood from moisture and insect damage, so there’s no rotting or splintering. The wood protects the plastic from UV damage and gives your deck a solid, natural feel. It looks great year after year. As an added benefit of your Trex deck, you are helping the environment because Trex is made primarily with recycled plastic grocery bags, reclaimed pallet wrap and waste.

  • Requires no stains or sealants for protection.
  • Will not rot or deteriorate due to harsh weather.
  • Available in two textures – smooth or wood grain.
  • Available in five color options to suit any home style.
  • Splinter-free.
  • Contains no toxic chemicals or preservatives.
  • Resists moisture, insects and sunlight making Trex decking the perfect choice for pools, hot tubs and spas.
  • Has excellent traction, even when wet.

Gone are the days when deck floors were laid strictly in parallel lines. With Trex® decking, the possibilities for varied floors are endless, whether a design is created using straight boards arranged at angles or the supple Trex decking is curved into delightfully whimsical patterns. Besides creating visual interest, a pattern also distinguishes one zone from another within a larger deck. Your TrexPro® contractor can help customize a fun design for your deck.


Celebrate the wonder of your outdoor space with an exuberant sunburst pattern. An entire sunburst makes a stunning floor for a gazebo or other circular area. Place a round dining table in the center of the sunburst and let the other boards radiate out from it. Or create a quarter sunburst to point the way toward stairs or to make a transition from one section of a deck to another. The sunburst can be made using all one color of Trex decking material or alternating hues for added contrast (below, left).


A centuries-old pattern familiar in everything from tweed jackets to sisal rugs, this angled design is quickly becoming the new classic for deck floors. Builders across the country report that the herringbone is one of their most frequently requested patterns. It offers more interest than a straight or perpendicular pattern, yet is subtle enough to blend seamlessly with any style house, from contemporary to Colonial.

Uniquely Curvy

Trex decking can be worked into sinuous curves for whatever form you fancy. To accentuate the grand sweep of a deck that wraps around a house, Trex boards were bent into a wonderful wavy pattern (above, first photo). The resulting floor suggests graceful movement, as if you could sashay rather than simply walk.

A whimsical center runway (above, right) was created by skillfully inlaying curved Trex boards within larger parallel and herringbone sections of deck.

Curved Trex boards also create shapely borders for hot tubs, pools and to set off areas such as for dining.


Create a circle, square, octagon or rectangle within the deck as an eye-pleasing way to define a zone, such as a seating area complete with modern outdoor fireplace (above, middle). Or take advantage of the color options with Trex decking and create a striped pattern for the entire deck floor.