🚜 Choosing A Lawnmower

Did you know that the average homeowner spends over 50 hours a year behind a lawnmower? If you’re planning on buying a mower, you want to purchase the mower that is right for you and your lawn.

What size is your lawn? It’s an important factor in your choice of mowers. If you have a small area to mow, a basic push mower or an electric mower might do the job. With a medium size lawn you probably want to go with a self-propelled mower. If you have a very large area to cover, you may need a lawn tractor.

Do you want to bag, discharge, or mulch the grass? If you want a perfectly clean looking lawn, go with a bagger that holds all the grass clippings. If you have a lot of obstacles to mow around such as trees and flowerbeds, consider a rear bagger. If you cut less frequently and grass gets high or wet, choose a side discharge mower. A mulching mower, which cuts the grass into small pieces, gives the benefit of putting valuable nutrients back into your lawn.

A mower with high wheels reduces effort on hilly or uneven terrain. Electric starter, adjustable handle, and speed controls are added conveniences to consider.

Buy the highest quality mower that fits your budget. Read the owner’s manual carefully, so that you understand the starting system and the features. Be sure to follow the safety rules and service recommendations. Then, you’re ready for many seasons of happy mowing!