🏠 A Kitchen Face-Lift

There are plenty of good reasons to remodel, improve or just plain gut and start over in any room of a house. Whether it is functionality, livability, or just something to do on the weekend, home improvements don’t have to be intimidating. Today we are looking at kitchens; did you know that improvements to your kitchen bring the second highest return when you are ready to sell your home. I guess that would make investment another good reason to update or remodel! Here are four simple ways you can transform the look of your kitchen:

1. From the Ground Up

Our floors are always susceptible to a beating but the kitchen is one place that can prove even more dangerous for linoleum, laminate and ceramics. From the spilled carton of orange juice to the casserole surprise that came to a crashing end or just walking around, our floors undergo a lot of stress that can wear them out. Many inexpensive, easy to install options are available these days that range from more durable linoleums to laminates that come in a variety of looks including wood, ceramic, and tile. Have no fear, with a level and a simple carbide tip saw, you’ll be well on your way to a fresh new look for your kitchen floor!

2. Think Color, and Texture Too

A new look can be as easy as a fresh coat of paint. All you need to start is a clean surface, a screwdriver, a paintbrush, and a gallon of the right color. Once you remove your cabinet doors, and find a well-ventilated area to work, let your imagination take you away. Paint options include the standard solid color cabinet paint or faux finishes, antiqued wood grain and other specialty looks. If the natural look is more your style refinish the surface and top it off with a decorative stencil. As a finishing touch try replacing the hardware, a variety of contemporary designs in knobs and handles are available to complete the look.

3. Accessorize with Trim

There are times a fresh coat of paint can’t be avoided but if you can afford a shortcut try a new color for your trim. This simple, subtle change can make your room look like new. Another eye-catching solution is border. Borders not only ad color they add character and personality to a room as well. With hundreds of designs available in a variety of color schemes and themes there is sure to be something that fits your style perfectly.

4. Sweet Treats for your Windows

We often put up our curtains or blinds only to forget about them. Take a look at your windows and consider the fabric, color, size, and style of your curtains. Do they reflect the personality you want for your new look? Think of your window treatments as a reflection of a room’s fashion sense, is it time for a makeover? If so, curtains are by far the easiest place to start.